Tuesday, April 5, 2011

St. Patty's Day Wobble Shoot & Dinner

The ACGP's St. Patty's Day Wobble Shoot & Dinner was held on Saturday, March 26.  About Twenty-Five Shooters were in the competition.

1st place was taken by Bubba, with 23 clay pigeons.  2nd place went to Swanee; Master Blaster! with 22 clay pigeons,   3rd place, Bubba with 21 pigeons.

Congratulations to all who dared compete.

Mr. President!  Let's Wobble!

Shooters on the firing line.

(From left to right below)
Bob, Lou, Pete, Stan (Master Blaster), and Chuck.

 Jim, Rob, and Jim (A.C.G.P. President)

Resting up in between rounds.  Buzz the score keeper in the background.

Chucks dog took off after a clay pigeon during the competition, he had to retrieve him.

The New line of ACGP shirt designs.

Dinner back at the clubhouse after the shoot.   Happy Birthday to Frank J. and Sara.

Jim with the cake.  Thanks Leslie!

Thanks always and forever to the Clemensons Arnold, Melissa, Lura, and Chris.  The food was GREAT!