Sunday, May 8, 2011

NWTF At The Atlantic County Game Preserve

Members of the Atlantic County Game Preserve, organized by Lou Gambale, Chairman of the ACGP Turkey Committee held their first informational meeting on April 29th, 2011 with Patty Foster, Regional Director of the NWTF National Wild Turkey Federation. 
Patty and Lou at the ACGP Clubhouse

Prior to the meeting, Lou took Patty on a tour of the 2000 acres of ACGP hunting property.  They saw a multitude of deer and turkey feeding on chufa and field grasses on the afternoon drive through the property.  Patty was impressed with the extensive habitat management plan for planting on some of the 30 or so fields surrounded by hardwoods; perfect habitat for turkeys and hunting. 

The meeting took place at the ACGP Clubhouse, fourteen members attended. Patty explained the rules and guidelines required to establish a new chapter; hold an annual banquet etc...
after which all present voted to form a new chapter.  Lou volunteered to be President, Pete Bacon, Vice President, Bob Fenton, Treasurer and myself, Tony Zarych, Publicist.  

We have another meeting scheduled on May 12th at the Clubhouse prior to the May 19th meeting with Patty to finalize the chapter name and detail.  Stay tuned for more News and Updates.

2010 Turkey Season Has Begun!

Week A (one) has started off with a bang!; four birds were harvested on the Manor property and one honorable mention goes to a member who harvested a bird nearby.
Frank J 18 lbs, 10 in beard, 1 1/4 spurs

                                                                                        Jeff and Tom; birds 19 lbs, 7/8," 1" 10' beards

                                                                           Jim B. 24 lbs, 1 1/8 spurs, one 10" and 5" beard

Lou G.  2 yr old. 19lbs, 7/8 inch spurs and 10.5 beard

Week one was hot for those ACGP turkey hunters who bagged nice toms the first A week of hunting.  B-Week has not produced any birds, however the wind and rain could have quieted them down, except for one of guys who "missed" a bird at close range; beware of the gun that dropped and not sighted in again!

Stay tuned for more News and Updates at the ACGP.