Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monstro! The Buck Stops Here at The ACGP

That's him!!!  I named him Monstro last year. 

The first time I saw him was in field 4 in 06.  He was a spike with one antler broke off and a bunch of fresh scars.  In 07 I watched him kick the crap out of  a younger buck by my spot no 47.  I've seen him every year at least once.  Last year I saw him twice during permit bow and could'nt get a shot.  The gigantic brow tines always identified him.  Every time I saw him he was just a belligerent son of a bitch...stomping around and taking no quarter. 

I did not see him once this year and figured he either got hit by a car or nailed by someone else hunting on state property.  I have been dreaming about that deer all year and I am happy that a great guy from OUR CLUB finally put him down.

I am so happy for you Tim!!!

Rick S.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lovett's Meadow Report by G.G. "The Chairman" of The Waterfowl Committee

The meadow lease is alive and well with tons of ducks!  I  went down by boat to check on the property yesterday, (last Monday).   I can't tell you all of the different species I saw. The ducks were in the ponds, creeks and bayshore. While walking the meadow I shot a black duck!   Problem was it keep going, it dropped on the SomersPoint/Longport causeway. I also missed a few! 
Today, I didn't get out until 9:00am, left at 11:45am. I downed 4 ducks, a black duck, mallard drake, hen gadwall & 1 unknown! It was so good today due to great weather conditions I didn't even grass the boat in. I just tucked her under the meadow bank of the creek, put out 3 stools and that was it.
Additional information, I just purchased a Pattern Master screw in choke "extended range." That's what is was meant for!  "Extended Range." I read up on it after the fact.  It is for 50 yards and better. I don't recommend it for shooting over stools, its way too tight. I did shoot today at 50+ yards and feathered the bird.
Lets get out there and and knock them down.
G.G.  The Chairman!
P.S.  Several other club members have been out this week and have had great days huntting the meadow

Friday, December 10, 2010

Deer Season Report

The dirty baker's dozen (all 13) showed up again for a great day of pot hunting at the ACGP. 

Breakfast was served sharp at 5 AM with plenty of hot coffee.  It was a great day except for the wind that nearly blew some guys out of their stands.  Deer were seen, but they mostly hunkered down with the cold and wind.  Lunch and dinner were followed by plenty of laughs back at the Clubhouse.

Several members stayed overnight and had a better day on Tuesday, followed by the Monthly Dinner Meeting, which was welcome after another day out in the cold.

See you all on Saturday at 5AM at the clubhouse, for the last day of the 6 day season.

Breakfast is served at 5:30 AM! Sharp!

Be safe!  Know your target and beyond! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Youth Day, Thanksgiving Day Hunt and Permit Muzzleloader Report

Matt and Stephanie's Thanksgivning Day Harvest

Bob's 6 pt buck and Austin's 6 pt buck (right).

Three youth harvested two doe's and Austin got a very nice 6 pt buck.

Approximately 25 Members and Guests turned out for the Thanksgiving Day Pheasant Hunt.  On top is a picture of the next generation of ACGP members.  Both are pretty good shots as you can see.

The opening two days of Permit Muzzleloader produced the best havest we've seen in quite a few years;  four does and two bucks.  Bob T. took this mature 6 pointer on opening day.

Congratulations to hunters young and old for getting out there and bringing home the harvest.

See you on opening day of the 6 day season at the ACGP Clubhouse.  5AM sharp!

Safety first!  Know your target and beyond! Now and always!  Remember, it's only a deer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Annual Thanksgiving Day Pheasant Hunt

Members and their guests are invited to join the ACGP Family for an old fashioned Thanksgiving Day Pheasant Hunt.  Cost is $25 per person.

Reserve your spot by calling the President-Jim at his home and then be at the Field Camp by 9:30 AM for the sign up. Four shooters per team on average.

Be safe and good hunting.

The Small Game Committee

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tower Shoot Reports

The Jim McAllister Memorial Tower Shoot was basically "Sold Out" with participants hitting their targets nearly 9 out of times.  Leftover birds were hunted in the afternoon and the following day.

Everyone agreed that Chairman Lou's Lunch hit the spot.

Members and guests also enjoyed an afternoon of "Wobble Shooting". 

There's just too much fun to be had at the Field Camp whith all those birds are flying, deer and turkey are running wild. 

See you at the ACGP Annual Thanksgiving Day Pheasant Shoot.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jim McAllister Memorial Tower Shoot Saturday November 6

The Small Game Committee invites you to the...

Jim McAllister Memorial Tower Shoot, to be held on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 6, 10 AM start, at the Field Camp.

$80 / station, 130 pheasants-Friends and Family are Welcome to join us.

Unharvested birds will be hunted Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for Tower Shoot participants.
Please call Jim Sykes for reservations.

Lunch will be served but you must call ahead with your reservation.

Turkey & Deer Harvest Report

Three doe's were harvested during the Fall Bow Season.  Many were passed up in hopes of finding a trailing buck, however it just didn't turn out that way.

Four nice turkey's were harvested in the six day season that ended yesterday.  I called in a flock, and ended up being left alone for another day of hunting in the Spring Season.

Better luck next time.  Turkey Boy! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Deer Report and Turkey Season Report

Several deer have been harvested since Fall Bow began three weeks ago, and this hunter has seen an abundance of deer to be had for the taking.  One more week to go before Permit Bow commences.  Remember to purchase Zone 45 doe and buck permits.

Fall Turkey Season begins today for 6 days through Saturday October 30.  State rules and laws apply.  Yesterday I was driving slowly down one of our roads when I was nearly gobbled out of my truck when a flock of turkeys in the tree's gobbled at the truck.  They didn't stick around too long. 

So good luck this week and REMEMBER-SAFETY FIRST!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alert! New Arrangement Committee Rules

Just a reminder.

All stands and blinds must be tagged with the owners name by November 1.  This is for your safety and the club's privacy.
  1. Three stands or blinds per member.
  2. Baiting is now permitted on both sides of the property.
  3. Sign in for the triangle is now at the Manor office sign in board.
  4. Scouting and baiting is limited from 10 AM-2PM.
Safety First! Good Hunting!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work Party Report

"The Dirty Dozen"  Yes we had a solid twelve guys show up and put in a good day's work;
  • posted about a mile or more of the property with the new signs
  • cleared roads, trees and trails with the brush hog
  • built ladder stands
  • other basic maintenance and cleanup
  • planned out drive trails
Thanks to all those who helped out.  We are planning another work party soon to finish the work.

Much Appreciated,  The Arrangements Committee

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Work Party & Crop Report

There will be a work party at the Field Camp 10 AM on Sunday October 3, tomorrow!

A few of th tools to bring and help out with;
  • tree trimmers
  • large pruning lopers or other clippers
  • staple guns to put up signs
  • step ladders
  • chain saws
Bring your own lunch.

The property recieved several inches of rain over the past few weeks and the fields are looking great.  Fall planting is over! 

See you on Sunday or at the Lets Wobble 3 PM on Tuesday afternoon before the club dinner meeting.  Free dinner to the high scoring shooter.

Sign in, be safe and Happy Hunting.

Monday, September 13, 2010


FYI-On the Fieldcamp side of the property, a one foot diameter pine tree has fallen accross the road about 100 yards past the north west side of field four.  It can be cut with a chainsaw and moved but is too heavy to move by hand at this point.

It rained lightly yesterday and the fields are looking good.

Monday, September 6, 2010

ACGP Fields are Green and Ready For Business!

On the eve of the September dinner meeting and Wobble Shoot, our sorgum and chufa fields are green and growing fast.  Last month's rain came in the nick of time. 

Fall Bow hunting season is now less than one month away, and large heards of deer can be seen throughout the property, including many single and pairs of fawns.  This is a strong indication that our food plot program is successful in suporting and maintaining a healthy quality deer herd.

Just a reminder, free dinner to the high scoring shooter at the "Lets Wobble" shoot.  Get there early and shoot straight.  

Remember September is the time to order your birds for the upcoming season.  Get your orders in now before the rush.

Be Safe and Good Luck! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping Informed at ACGP

Welcome to the ACGP Blog for members and friends.  We wanted to provide members with news and information about the club, events and "need to know" information such as work parties, club sponsored hunts, youth day hunts, weather related alerts etc...

Private release begins on September 1 through May 1 for us with our Commercial Preserve License.  Fall Bow Season follows one month later. 

Take the time to come out, practice your aim and "Lets Wobble" 3 PM at the Field Camp, $3 per round, before our Monthly Dinner Meetings 6:30 PM, the First Tuesday of every month/weather permitting.   

Take advantage of of the elevated shooting tower to sharpen your bow skills at our 3-D targets, just in time for Fall Bow.

Check back soon for more news and updates.

Remember-Safety First!