Sunday, May 8, 2011

2010 Turkey Season Has Begun!

Week A (one) has started off with a bang!; four birds were harvested on the Manor property and one honorable mention goes to a member who harvested a bird nearby.
Frank J 18 lbs, 10 in beard, 1 1/4 spurs

                                                                                        Jeff and Tom; birds 19 lbs, 7/8," 1" 10' beards

                                                                           Jim B. 24 lbs, 1 1/8 spurs, one 10" and 5" beard

Lou G.  2 yr old. 19lbs, 7/8 inch spurs and 10.5 beard

Week one was hot for those ACGP turkey hunters who bagged nice toms the first A week of hunting.  B-Week has not produced any birds, however the wind and rain could have quieted them down, except for one of guys who "missed" a bird at close range; beware of the gun that dropped and not sighted in again!

Stay tuned for more News and Updates at the ACGP.

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