Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring 2011 Turkey Report-Final Harvest!

It was a great season for those who bagged some birds.  Lou G., Chairman ACGP Turkey Committee ended up with three birds.  Here is one that was so big, he had to trailer it.

Frank J, Tom & Jeff  S. each got a nice bird on opening day.

 I was headed out early one morning during A-Week when Jim B. bagged this nice tom just after first light.

John B. was one of the lucky ones who had permits for every week and finally bagged one after a month? of hunting.

That brings the total to eight.  The heaviest bird was pushing 25 pounds.  Wow!  Several other members like myself hunted hard on the days we had permits, however between the rain, cool weather and hot hens; we got shut out.

Two Youth hunters, Emily and Bridget Z. had good hunts, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Dakota B. another Youth hunter also was in the game and had birds nearby, however the birds spotted some movement and made tracks.  Better luck in the Fall season.

Lou G. had his Bad Boy Buggy to carry him and his gear around on, making getting to birds an easy task, if they could found that is.

Setting up and calling.

Its time for planting now for the chuffa and putting away all our gear until October bow season comes back in.

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